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    Wrethink was formed when Arlene Harris, inventor, businesswoman, and founder of GreatCall, decided that the world needed a better way to manage family memories. Armed with a computer, a scanner, and a video recorder, she set out to digitize the history of her own family, with each newly digitized item associated with a story captured on video. It was not a good experience. The technology was too complicated, too temperamental, and too unreliable for anyone to really use in a meaningful way. Arlene decided that had to change.

    Arlene recruited and formed the diverse group of technologists, business people, marketers and advisors that form Wrethink. The “W” in Wrethink stands for women, because the problems women have and solve are often overlooked by many technology companies. Wrethink seeks to change the way technology is created and we pride ourselves on both inclusion and diversity.