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    Sales-Link Recruiting

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    Verified Top Quality Candidates and Jobs
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    Verified Top Quality Candidates and Jobs

    Sales-Link, Inc.’s database of over 500,000 industry leaders is useful for more than lead generation.

    Having worked for 20 years with industry leaders, Sales-Link, Inc. is uniquely positioned and made aware of employment opportunities and skilled professionals who are able to fill those positions.

    Whether you are a company seeking top qualified candidates, or an employee searching for the right company, we can help you get there.

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    Sales-Link has partnered with Career Place to be front and center, with experts to make applicants aware of your company’s work opportunities. Sales-Link Inc. then brings the top applicants into our database where they are then researched by our BDI system experts who evaluate skills, capabilities, and then approve applicants to be on your list of potential hires.

    Ask us how to get your company started by contacting us here.

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    Combining our BDI system with technology, powered by Career Place, Sales-Link Inc. has created a platform for the employees seeking new opportunities to gain feedback before speaking to your potential employer. Find out how you can optimize your resume and effectively advertise your unique set of skills. Complete the form below and upload your resume to get started.

    You will be contacted directly by hiring managers who are interested in your expertise and experience. We will also email you from time to time to keep you informed of new job opportunities in your industry.

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