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    MyNICaS: The New Generation of Non-Invasive Bio-Impedance Cardiography. Get 17 actionable data items in a three minute test. Comparable to a Swan-Ganz but with no invasion, no patient risk, no undressing or shaving.

    Manufacturer: MyHealthConnection
    MyNICaS is the optimal tool in making better informed decisions regarding more aggressive diuresis or need for increased vasodilation. The Best Proven Solution to Reduce 30-Day Hospital Readmissions at SNFs, HHCAs. Increase your billings, save bed nights, get more referrals from. hospitals. Call us for ROIs and more information including $475/month leases..
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    New Generation Impedance Cardiography Technology

    • Mobile

    • FDA Approved

    • Accurate, consistent results

    • Easy to use

    • Inexpensive

    • Non-Invasive

    • No Side Effects

    • No harm to patient

    • No special preparation for exam


    Painless Monitoring and Diagnostics


    • Readmission Reduction

    • Heart Failure (HF) Management

    • Hemodynamics Monitoring

    • Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT) Optimization

    • Non-Invasive Stroke Volume Measurements

    • Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Measurements

    • Hypertension Control


    Complex Data, Simplified


    • Stroke Volume (SV)

    • Cardiac Output (CO)

    • Cardiac Power Index (CPI)

    • Total Peripheral Resistance (TPR)

    • Total Body Water (TBW)

    • Left Ventricle Function (Ejection Fraction)

    • Heart Rate

    • Granov-Goor Index (GGI)

    • Respiration Rate

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