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    Interact Lifeline Family Support

    Manufacturer: Interact Lifeline
    LifeLine Assists Programs to Offer Improved Family Support LifeLine helps substance abuse and addictions treatment programs leverage our turnkey technology solution to keep their families connected to treatment, connected to education and connected to support communities to improve their understanding of addiction and their role in the recovery process.
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    Involving the family improves the recovery process.

    Families support and involvement is a critical success factor to help clients sustain long-term recovery. However, families sometimes struggle to connect with treatment programs when their loved ones are in treatment or involved in aftercare.  Families are often undereducated about addiction, are dealing with a range of issues as they try and help their loved one deal with the disease, and may have experienced stress, anxiety and trauma during the ordeal.  Families need to heal, know their role in recovery, and become better equipped to offer help and support.


    Improved family support brings many benefits.

    Treatment programs can augment the services that they offer to their families and keep them connected for additional support and help. Programs do not have to create the structure or content because the technology is already set up to provide a continuous flow of education, deliver virtual support meetings, offer discussion forums, and provide connections to the program’s clinical team or Telehealth resources. Treatment programs generate incremental revenue from family support, improve outcomes by involving and supporting the family, and generate data from interactions with the platform that help prove the effectiveness of family support.


    Extended relationships produce incremental revenue for the program.

    InterAct collaborates with programs to determine the appropriate cost structure for family support services using LifeLine. Once program fees have been established, InterAct will take a percentage of revenue, making the program easy for any program to afford and implement. Should a program choose to have a licensing agreement with InterAct, they have the option to convert at any time and pay a fixed monthly or quarterly fee.