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    HealthMode digital clinical measures

    Manufacturer: Healthmode
    HealthMode develops digital clinical measures for low-friction, continuous data collection in real-world settings that provide precise information for outcome analysis and decision making for clinical trials and health care.
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    HealthMode, Inc. ( powers next-generation clinical trials and works toward regulatory approval and market access for drugs, devices, and combination products by developing and delivering AI-enabled digital measurement methods for clinical trials and clinical care.

    HealthMode’s client partners represent a diverse set of stakeholders including drug developers at large pharmaceutical companies, clinical researchers and practitioners at academic medical centers, and startups entering the space with novel capabilities.

    HealthMode’s measurement techniques:
    - Improve understanding of phenotype
    - Streamline and provide assurance for screening and eligibility;
    - Provide early detection and mitigation of adverse events; and
    - Serve as sensitive, specific, objective, and low burden endpoints.

    The HealthMode approach allows for meaningful integration of clinical trial data with real-world evidence and provides the basis for movement toward a patient-specific understanding of health and wellness.

    Partner with us to:

    • Introduce continuous representative data collection
    • Ensure high frequency measurement to detect meaningful clinical change
    • Incorporate objective assessment of therapeutic progression & minimise subjectivity
    • Understand causal relationships between genetics, environment & disease
    • Minimise the gap between real world & clinical trials data
    • Model individual disease trajectory & precisely predict prognosis

    Industry partners

    Partner to co-develop digital solutions for evidence generation in your clinical trials

    Scientific partners

    Improve your research with our data modelling & product development capabilities

    Patient communities

    Participate in ground breaking remote research

    Why HealthMode?

    • Unique capabilities in the development of digital measures
    • Exceptional machine learning, artificial intelligence
    • Agility in the execution of studies & collaboration with clinical sites worldwide
    • Regulatory & market access expertise in multiple geographies

    What's your greatest clinical trial design challenge?

    Let's collaborate to develop a solution

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