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    GeneFinder Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit for molecular diagnostics

    Manufacturer: Osang
    Molecular diagnosis can detect human papilloma virus (HPV), and enable testing for histocompatibility (HLA) and infectious diseases, by examining nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) for genetic information (e.g., on a virus or human body).
    Interest categories: Infectious diseases, Vaccines
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    GeneFinder™ Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit


    Viral DNA/RNA Extraction kit is an In Vitro Diagnostics product which is designed to extract and isolate DNA/RNA from Blood(Whole Blood / Serum/ Plasma) and Swab (human) using automated EX-MATE 32 Plus system.

    The EX-MATE 32 Plus system and Viral DNA/RNA Extraction kit intended for professional use only.

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