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    Finsentech Thor UVC Robot

    Manufacturer: Finsentech
    THOR UVC® is a high-output UVdisinfection robot using unique room mapping technology to deliver a fast and effective germicidal dose of continuous wave UVC energy killing germs and pathogens when and where you want. THOR UVC® is intelligent and completely removes the guess work and ineffectiveness of regular cleaning.
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    THOR® Robot is the latest constant wave UV-C surface and air disinfection technology designed specifically for all areas of the hospital and healthcare environment. THOR® incorporates unique patented design features that reduce shadowing. Log 6 reduction (99.9999%) bacterial kill achieved in minutes.* The THOR®   Robot is completely mobile, making it perfect for disinfecting ambulances and suitable for disinfecting patient rooms, operating theatres and all over the hospital, including the smallest of spaces.

    *As per testing by the Health & Safety Laboratory – Occupational Hygiene Unit Analytical Services 30/3/2012


    THOR® UV disinfection robot is perfect for use all over the hospital, in even the smallest spaces. It can be adjusted for any height between 1.1m and 2.25m, covering floor to ceiling and eliminating shadows, for more thorough disinfection. Its ergonomic handrail and unique 6 caster wheel design make it easy to move from room to room for fast and efficient room turnaround.

    With our unique intelligent placement system, THOR® is located into position and automatically extends to the optimum height to eliminate pathogens within dark and shadowed areas, with a room entry sensor that automatically switches off the machine for safety.


    THOR™ is the only UVC system designed specifically for emergency vehicle decontamination. Controlled via a hand-held tablet, it is easy to operate and it’s ergonomic handrail and caster wheel design makes it easy to transport. Unique shadow busting features provides a repeatable disinfection outcome, making it a perfect UV-C solution for emergency vehicles.

    With our unique intelligent placement locator, THOR™ is placed in the optimum position and extended to the optimum height eliminate pathogens within dark and shadowed areas.

    THOR UVC® Disinfection technology works on the principles of the Inverse Square Law – and delivers more UVC power output over a longer distance, killing more germs in the quickest time – getting that area thoroughly disinfected and ready for the next patient. It is a disinfection robot with a unique room mapping system allowing the operator to position the disinfection robot unit in the optimum location reducing disinfection times and maximising THOR UVC output

    In the UK alone Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) cost the NHS an estimated £1 billion per annum and are responsible for up to 30,000 deaths. This is a common challenge facing healthcare organisations around the world.

    While good hand hygiene has reduced HAIs by 50% over the last 10 years, we have now reached a point of diminishing marginal returns. Failing NHS hospitals are being fined up to 2% of their total budget. Hand cleaning techniques can miss up to 50% of surfaces and other methods can take hours in preparation and delivery time.

    THOR UVC® Constant wave UV-C disinfection technology – the utilisation of UV-C was proven to reduce HAIs by 37%*.

    THOR® generates more UVC energy than the most powerful systems to date making THOR® the fastest and most effective at reaching darker shadowed areas, killing pathogens over a wider area in a single dose.

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