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    Claris Companion - 4G Cellular version

    The ideal solution to social isolation. Claris Companion is an engaging, accessible social communications device specifically designed for older users who may not be comfortable with computers or smart phones. Best of all, a user can get set up and online without any on-site installation, setup or even training.
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    Claris Companion is a communications app specficially designed to be usable by older seniors (or anyone for that matter).  Companion is provided pre-loaded on a high-quailty tablet computer, and is personalized and configured entirely remotely by a family member - before it even ships.  The Cellular 4G version includes the cellular data plan - which means that the senior simply presses the power button and they are online.  We also offer a WiFi version that provides all the same features, but at a lower monthly cost because the cellular data is not required.

    Companion can provide email, text messaging, video chat, photo and video sharing and web browsing, all within a secure and extremely friendly environment. A family member can easily turn on or off features to keep the senior's experience as simple and easy as possible - we reccommend starting with a few easy features and adding more as everyone gets comfortable with how Companion works.

    In addition to communications functions, Claris Companion can provide medication reminders, wellness surveys, daily events and appointments and other social content to keep a senior connected with their family and community. Particular focus is placed on ‘push’ operation which reduces the need for the senior to click, type, tap or touch.

    To make things even easider, the response of the tablet touch screen has been modified to ensure a better experience for seniors.  As many seniors have minor tremors and dexterity issues, ‘swipe’ and ‘multi-touch’ gestures have been suppressed so that button activation is easier.  Text fonts are high contrast and as large as possible given the screen size to make them more readable.

    Claris Companion is a subscription service priced at $49 per month which includes the cellular data plan - no separate account with a mobile data provider is required.

    Claris Companion is simply the best way to get your older family members online and engaged.