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    Nextbridge Affiliate Program

    The Nextbridge Affiliate Program allows our members to earn reward points by making introductions on the Marketplace.

    How many times in your career have you been asked to provide an introduction between two business partners?

    How many times have you been compensated for providing that introduction?

    The near universal answers to those questions go something like "I am asked to make introductions all the time" and "I have never been compensated for making introductions."

    The Nextbridge Affiliate Program changes all that. 

    As a Nextbridge Affiliate you will earn rewards simply by putting buyers and sellers together!  After you make the intro, we will track the rest.  When a buyer and seller you introduced joins the Nextbridge Marketplace and completes a transaction, you earn points!  It's that simple.

    Nextbridge Points can be exchanged for cash, kept in your account or donated to your favorite charity.  The points never expire.

    We intend to quickly become the "go to" platform to discover and research healthcare and clinical research products and services.

    We plan social media and email marketing campaigns to more than 500,000 industry buyers and sellers.

    Join us!  Earn rewards! It's free!